Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can't believe my baby girl is going to be 5 months old this weekend. Where does the time go?? Here is an updated pic of lil miss Jenna.

She is such an easy baby!! She is always happy and most of the time just entertains herself. She loves her big brother and laughs at everything he does. I think they are going to be great friends. Jenna is such a blessing to our family. I just Love Her!!

She is also a daddy's girl already. She already has him wrapped around her little finger. I've already heard him promise her a pony several times! Guess we're gonna need a bigger yard!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July

So much fun!! BBQ, Fireworks, and two kids that slept in the next day! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Jenna

Jenna Shirley Wilson has arrived!! She was born 4-12-2010 at 5:52pm. Weighed 6lbs 7oz, and was 19 inches long. She is a perfect, healthy little girl and we love having her as the newest addition to our family. Jackson is adjusting well and loves to give his baby sister hugs and kisses. More pictures to come later...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prego Update

First of all, I must be feeling VERY brave in order to actually put this picture on the Internet, but here I am prego, and waiting for our little girl. After almost 10 weeks of "bed rest" (the quotes are because Joel and I have very different ideas of what one should be allowed to do while on "bed rest") because of my dangerous blood pressure, we have made it to the safe time. The doctors say if she were born now, even though still a little but early, she would be fine. I am not a very good patient. I love being pregnant, but I hate being told I can't do things. Joel takes good care of me and helps with Jackson as much as possible, and scolds me almost daily for something I did around the house or a trip to Target that he didn't think was necessary. But HELLO...we have a baby to get ready for and I am nesting!!!

The only reason we took this picture is because we never took one when I was pregnant with Jackson, and because after she is born we are doing our own at-home version of "Biggest Loser" and competing to get back into shape. Consider this my before picture...

This is one of the many reasons I love my hubby so much-- After I saw the pic he took of me I almost had a panic attack, crying because I can't believe how big I am. You know how the picture in your head is never really what other people think? Yeah...I did not picture myself like this! I was feeling down about myself and Joel's encouragement and soothing words were not helping, so because he is the best guy in the world he told me to take a picture of him and his "pregnant belly". After his picture I was laughing so hard I almost forgot how huge I am.

Man I love that guy!!!

I go to the doctor every Monday and Thursday for them to check my blood pressure and the baby. Last two visits were very good, and my blood pressure seems to be under control. Now we are just waiting for them to tell me when we actually get to meet our little girl. Usually a repeat c-section is scheduled and the parents know exactly when the baby will be born, but we do not get that. From here on out any doctor trip could mean they say "Today's the day!!". I have had my bag packed and in the car for about a month now, so we are ready! We just look forward to meeting her and continue to pray that everything will go well.


We had a pretty low-key but nice Easter. First Jackson woke up to find what the Easter Bunny had left him.
(Sorry about the sideways pics)

Then we ate breakfast...

Then we dyed eggs since we hadn't done it before...
We were gonna "hide" them and let Jackson find them but he wasn't really interested and I really wanted some egg salad, so we basically dyed them just so we could say that we did.

Then we enjoyed conference, naps, and had Easter dinner with Joel's family.

Like I said, low key, but nice. I always love spending time with my family.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playin in the leaves

These pictures are a couple of months old but I just love them. When we were driving home from my grandma's house after Thanksgiving we stopped every couple of hours to let Jackson get out and stretch his legs. At one random place we found a little field that had tons of leaf piles. Jackson had so much fun playing in them and collecting leaves. It made me a little sad that we don't have real "seasons" in Southern Cali. But hey we do have Disneyland!

Baby Girl!!!!

Well after TWO ultrasounds (wanted to make sure this time) we are confident that we are having a little girl! (But we are still keeping the recipts just in case). We are so excited for her to be here soon. Her closet is already filling up and we were able to find a bedding set that matches the yellow room, that I used to use as my sewing room, so that we don't have to paint. All of my junk has now been added to Joel's junk in the office and we reorganized the garage to make room. It amzes me how much room we have in this litle house if we just stay organized.
Still haven't decided on a name. Our list has gone from about 14 options down to 7 though so we're on our way!